From the beginning the redevelopment of 100 St Georges Terrace was conceived as a dynamic hub of retail and commercial activity within Perth’s CBD, to reflect the pace, energy and vision that drives the State of Western Australia.  The spaces and facilities within the building were designed to create a seamless link to the streets, arcades and open spaces that are part of the lives of the people who bring the city to life each day.  The site at 100 St Georges Terrace has a rich commercial history that dates back to the early fortunes of the colony of Western Australia. The design ideas aimed at embracing the site’s commercial past, and its current place within Western Australia, a State rich in mineral wealth and extraordinary landscapes. Local contemporary artists with a deep understanding of the State’s past and present were engaged to celebrate this heritage.


The commissioned artworks in the lobby of 100 St Georges Terrace reflect Tom Mùller’s fascination with the inter-relation of design and the intrinsic structure of mineral formations. Muller’s Mineral Networks and Crystal Links capture this inter-relation through a series of lines and geometric structures to create a stark beauty and presence. The illuminated elements of the artworks embedded into the wall bring this fundamental relationship to life. The inspiration for the crystal formation is drawn from deep within the earth, a reference to the mineral wealth upon which this country is founded, highlighting that the relationship between nature and our economy.